A multi-disciplinary team of experts

Our team has a multi-disciplinary expertise, know-how and experience, covering a wide spectrum of sensory-based computing and modelling. Our group has a specific research interest in large-scale earth observations via remote sensing (resp: Ian, Chirag and Jesper), using Internet of Things field sensors as ground truth data (resp: Andreas), employing computer vision via deep learning for classification and prediction (resp: Savvas and Chirag), as well as geospatial analysis afterwards (resp: Andreas and Evi) for modelling and problem solving, towards more informed policy-making. An application of this analysis towards policy-making is in the field of renewable energy systems (resp: Ian) as well as disaster modelling and response (resp: Evi and Jesper). Finally, our team tries to dig deeper into deep learning models, trying to improve their operation based on how human cognition works (resp: Savvas, together with Olivia). Our team structure based on know-how is depicted below.

Our team addresses a wide range of problems in the aforementioned disciplines, with a general focus on large-scale earth observatory and sensing towards advanced environmental understanding and more informed policy-making

Application domains:

Agriculture, Food supply systems, Smart cities and urban environments, Robotics, Forestry, Ecology, Disasters, Renewable energy and smart electricity grid, Micro-grids